Corky Harris is the wife of Roger Harris. Her father (Newell Swafford) is a pastor and leader of the HGTV Network.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Corky Harris is a featured character portrayed by June Diane Raphael on Black Monday. She is Congressman Roger Harris's wife and daughter of Newell Swafford.

She is introduced during "Fore!" (Season 2, Episode 4), in which she storms into The Jammer Group's office, mistakes Dawn for Blair, and confronts Dawn about sleeping with her husband, Roger, who is "playing golf" with someone named Blair ("the hussie who layeth down with my husband").

Later in the episode, she secretly finds out that her husband and Blair are having an affair, but she refuses to tell either one of them her knowledge about these events. However, Dawn is aware that she knows. At the end of "Fore!", Corky offers Dawn and Blair a partnership with HGTV, but this plan is foiled when Dawn tells Pastor Newell about Blair and Roger's relationship in the following episode, "Violent Crooks and Cooks of Books".

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