The first season of Black Monday premiered on January 20, 2019 on Showtime, and concluded on March 31, 2019. It consisted of 10 episodes.



# Title Airdate Director Writer(s)
1 "365" January 20, 2019 Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg Jordan Cahan & David Caspe
Wide-eyed Blair is thrust into the insane world of '80s Wall Street. Mo enacts his master plan to take over the Georgina Jeans Company.
2 "364" January 27, 2019 Charles Stone III Jessi Klein
A Hollywood screenwriter shadows Mo at the office as Mo and Dawn fight over her desire to be made a partner. Keith plays a prank on Blair.
3 "339" February 10, 2019 Charles Stone III Jim Brandon & Brian Singleton
Mo attempts to create a father/son bond with Blair. Dawn and Spencer have a lively dinner with Dawn's parents. Keith finds his secret increasingly difficult to hide.
4 "295" February 17, 2019 Reginald Hudlin Laura Kittrell
Mo and Dawn attempt to reunite Blair and Tiff in order to keep the Georgina play afloat. Mo's debts come back to haunt him.
5 "243" February 24, 2019 Reginald Hudlin Matteo Borghese & Rob Turbovsky
Mo takes Dawn to the Predator's Ball in an effort to raise the capital The Jammer Group needs to pay off their debts. Blair is saddled with a weekend work assignment.
6 "122" March 3, 2019 Leslye Headland Story by: Jordan Cahan
Teleplay by: Dannah Phirman & Danielle Schneider
At Blair and Tiff's engagement party, Mo's feelings for Dawn begin to cloud his judgment. Wayne and Yassir get into serious trouble, while Keith takes a big step.
7 "65" March 10, 2019 Leslye Headland Story by: Teresa Hsiao
Teleplay by: Travon Free
Mo takes Blair on his bachelor party, while Dawn realizes she's a very important guest at Tiff's bachelorette party. Keith faces a loaded decision.
8 "7042" March 17, 2019 Justin Tipping Yassir Lester
We get a glimpse into Mo's past, while Blair and Dawn pursue some necessary detective work.
9 "2" March 24, 2019 Justin Tipping Laura Kindred & Syreeta Singleton
Mo is determined to make Blair and Tiff's marriage happen, for better or worse. Keith tries to impede the SEC's sting operation by any means possible.
10 "0" March 31, 2019 Nisha Ganatra Enzo Mileti & Scott Wilson
Everything comes crashing down.


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